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"Bloodster" as it was code-named, is our first ever Unity game.

It was created in two weeks time, using free assets, and was installed on a modded arcade machine accessible during our local community's blood giving in Greece, Leros in 2018.

How to play: 
Standard keyboard controls (arrows) with spacebar as jump button.

Reach the end of the level without depleting your blood levels. Eat / Choose food carefully, some help you regain blood level others worsen it ;)

The signs serve as informational panels about blood giving but they also serve as checkpoints.

Made by Ioannis (John) Karavas and Manolis Makris .

Install instructions

No fuzz. Just extract to any folder you wish and execute Bloodster.exe.

Thank you for downloading.


Bloodster.zip 25 MB


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funny :D

Thank you very much! <3